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P. 14

Julia Explained That The

              Laws of Wealth Go As Far

           Back As 4000 Years Ago And

          Originates From The Ancient

                         City Of Babylon

          The reason that Babylon was one of the wealthiest cities in the
          world in that era, is because they understood the Laws of
          Wealth and its principles.

          They had an ability to acquire money from unexpected
          sources, which enabled them to become successful and rich at
          everything they did.

          It even extended down into their bloodline and some of their
          descendants are amongst the richest people in the world.

          Between the companies and wealth, they possess, they
          practically control the world.

          She wasn’t talking about only knowing how to invest money
          and using it to make more, she was talking about the ability to
          attract and receive money unexpectedly.
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