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P. 12

Those Next 15 Minutes Were

              About To Change My Life


          What I listened to was beyond mind blowing and was very
          difficult to comprehend at first.

          It started off with her asking me was I happy being a trash
          collector and wanting to know my back story.

          I have no idea why, as I am naturally a very private person but
          I opened up to her.

          I let her know about my situation, my debts, tax issues and

          I made it clear that I was not happy with my job but I had no
          other option or I would end up homeless.

          I even shamefully confided that I had considered ending it all.

          Julia told me that she was the CEO of 4 companies

          worth a combined value of $2.3billion, she had
          not even finished school and used to be broke.

          She also explained to me that when I met her yesterday, she
          was in the middle of a session that was only available to certain
          people from society.
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