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P. 11

gave a description of the lady

               who I saw get out the car.

          He told me to wait a minute and closed the door.

          After what felt like longer than a minute, the lady came to the
          door and thanked me for my generosity.

          She informed me that she was in the middle of something right
          now and to give her my phone number as she would like to buy
          me a coffee to thank me for returning her keys.

          I gave her my number and went back to work.

          That same evening, she called me.

          She apologised for not having much time earlier and thanked
          me for bringing the keys to her as she had a previous car stolen.

          She asked me to join her for a coffee the next day on my lunch
          break and we set up a time to meet at a Starbucks not too far
          from my works.

          The next day I arrived at the Starbucks 10 minutes before the
          agreed time as I feel you should never keep a lady waiting and
          found a vacant table.

          At the scheduled time I saw that beautiful Bentley SUV pull up
          outside in the parking lot, she exited the vehicle and came

          She was clearly a very successful woman and I was very
          curious to know who the hell she was.
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