Page 6 - Laws of Wealth (Simon Taylor) : Flip It & Read It
P. 6

Now Sit Back, Buckle Up

           And Read EVERY Word On

              This Page And Let Me Put

           You On The Road To Wealth

          Let me introduce myself,

          My name is Simon Taylor, in a previous life, I was an
          underpaid and very overworked garbage collector, who worked
          all hours of the day in order to barely cover my rent and get by
          on a daily basis.

          There was nothing glamorous about my job and it was always
          meant as a means to an end. But that means to an end sadly
          lasted for 6 years longer than intended.

          I was flat out broke.

          Although I had a job, my salary barely covered rent.

          There was NEVER any money left over at the end of month.
          I always seemed to be in a deficit.

          I was heavily in debt, as I relied on my credit card to help
          cover all my bills and when I couldn’t settle it within the
          month, they would slap on interest charges.
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