Page 4 - Laws of Wealth (Simon Taylor) : Flip It & Read It
P. 4

In fact, this is more than just sensitive information, it is a law
          that you must follow if you have any hope of attracting
          everything you desire.

          • The same law the wealthiest people in the top 1% of the
          world abides by.
          • The same law that everybody who asks and receives,
          abides by.
          • The exact same law that is responsible for you NOT
          generating wealth.

          These laws have nothing to do with the “Law of Attraction”
          which is great but is too generic to get you rich.

          These very important laws are ancient and go as far back as

          I am extremely rich today as I fully understand these laws but
          you and I were never supposed to know that these laws exist.

          If it wasn’t for a set of keys, I would not be able to let you
          know they even existed.

          We will get to that soon,

          But first it is important that I know that you are ready to
          accept being given money,

          That you are ready to accept that you deserve to be rich.

          And that you are ready to accept that everything will be
          possible for you, in just a few moments time.
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