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P. 7

I felt I was drowning and depression was starting to kick in.

          I worked overtime, I had no social life and I could forget about
          having a partner.

          Just when I felt it couldn’t get any worse…

          IT DID...

          My accountant had fraudulently been cashing the checks of his
          clients instead of using them to pay our tax bills.

          So, one day I had the good fortune to discover I owed over 3
          years in back taxes to the government.

          Taxes that I had actually paid, but my low life thieving
          accountant had stolen the money from me along with another
          12 of his clients.

          I had nothing, let me correct that. I had LESS than nothing.

          I was seriously considering going bankrupt or even worse…
          just ending everything.

          I needed money fast. I was desperate.
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