Page 9 - Laws of Wealth (Simon Taylor) : Flip It & Read It
P. 9

So, I did what I was programmed by society to do and worked
          harder and even longer hours.

          One hot day while doing the rounds collecting trash on a new
          route, I noticed an immaculately dressed, attractive middle-
          aged lady get out of an incredible brand new Bentley
          Bentayga SUV.

          As she walked away from the car it looked like she had
          dropped something but carried on walking and disappeared to
          the side of the building she had pulled in front of.

          I Tried To Shout Her But She

                         Didn’t Hear Me

          I made my way over to where she had been.

           As I approached, I noticed there were a set of keys on the floor
          that included her car key, so I picked them up and went off to
          find her.

          The thought of how much the car was worth and even the parts
          alone, flashed through my mind and if I was a thief, I could
          have made a lot of money just driving off in the car.

          I went to the side of the building where I witnessed the lady
          disappeared to and saw a metal door, like some sort of safety
          door you would find on an abandoned building.
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